Yanmar Engines
+ *Engine Service System
= Reduced Running Costs

Briteforce LED light towers are powered by Yanmar diesel engines. We believe them to be the most efficient and cost effective motors of their type. We typically install the Yanmar 3TNV70, 3 cylinder which operates at 1500 rpm. Many competitors use engines that run at anything between 1800 and 3000 rpm. These fast running engines are subject to breakdown especially in hot climatic conditions.

* Optional 1500 Hour Engine Service System

Fuel Savings

LED towers are less expensive to run than metal halide units. However, by selecting a 1500 rpm engine, Briteforce ensures even greater savings in both fuel and maintenance costs. A typical metal halide tower – including the Briteforce 6000K and 9000K models – will consume up to 3.4 litres of diesel per hour. The Briteforce LEDstar 3.2K series Light tower consumes 1.4 litres per hour and the Briteforce LEDstar 2.4K series & LEDcompact 2.4K Light towers, consumes 1.1 litres per hour.

Briteforce LEDstar 2.4K & LEDcompact 2.4K: fuel consumption 1.1 litres per hour (a saving of 5694 litres per year at 12 hours per night when compared to a metal halide 6000K)

Briteforce LEDstar 3.2K: fuel consumption 1.4 litres per hour (a saving of 9198 litres per year at 12 hours per night when compared to a metal halide 9000K)

Briteforce LEDskid 7.6K: fuel consumption 2.7 litres per hour (a saving of 31974 litres per year at 12 hours per night when compared to a metal halide with a 40 KVA generator.


Briteforce uses Yanmar engines in all lighting towers.

Yanmar 3 Cylinder, 4-cycle, Water-Cooled Diesel Engine

The much acclaimed “Clean and Silent” TNE series has just become even better. Its called the TNV, and it stands for Total New Value.

23Emission Reduction (a Cleaner Engine)

Cleaner engines with even lower exhaust emissions are achieved by improving on the already excellent TNE base. Stricter emission standards are cleared by a wide margin.

  • Type 3 Cylinder, 4-Cycle, Liquid Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Bore 70mm
  • Stroke 74mm
  • Displacement 0.854 litre
  • Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
  • Combustion System Indirect Injection
  • Rotation Counterclockwise
  • Dry Weight 98kg
  • No. of cylinders 3
  • Rated Output 6.1kW / 1500rpm

Briteforce uses the following engines:

  • 3TNV70
  • 3TNV88
  • 3TNV84
  • 3TNV84T

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High-end Oil and Fuel Filtration Components Reduce Costs

Machine availability and performance is critical. This maintains the highest oil and diesel cleanliness standard every day of the year sufficient to break the engine oil acid cycle and stop varnish. This increases machine availability and reduces the cost of repairs and downtime.

Use of oil and fuel filtration optimises availability, performance, and service life of all lubricated assets and costs about 67% less than the standard oil and filter change regime. Additionally there are significant logistics and carbon reduction benefits with new and used oil being reduced by up to a factor of 20 i.e. from 20 drums down to 1 drum per year, which qualifies for carbon credits.

By-passing oil and fuel filtration removes 100% of moisture in oil emulsion in single pass and filter particulate to Absolute 10 micron to break the engine oil acid cycle while oil additive package is released, maintaining TBN (Total Base Number).

The filtration system reduces engine (and hydraulic system) service OPEX by 70% to achieve diesel engine least Sustainment and Total Ownership cost.


  • Diesel engine extended service intervals from OEM 250Hrs to 1500 Hours.
  • 1500 hour extended oil and filter change.
  • Reduction in logistics of oil & filter costs by 67%.
  • Reduce oil waste by up to 1/20th.
  • Improves fuel economy by 5%.
  • Increases engine service life.
  • The maintenance of new engine emission standards for significantly longer.

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