LEDstar 1.6K Series

Briteforce’s standard LED mine specification light tower is available in two models LEDstar 1.6K-HL (hydraulic legs) and LEDstar 1.6K-ML (manual legs), both units provide 1600W of LED lighting. Built to cope with the toughest conditions. The LEDstar 1.6K series weighs less than 2 tonnes per tower, which means it can be towed by any on site vehicle.

The hydraulically/electrically operated light towers reach a maximum height of 10.2 metres with light bar tilt of 110º and rotation of 350º, all controlled from the ground. One-man operation of both tower and lights significantly reduces the likelihood of handling injuries when compared to manual control.


  • Fuel consumption 0.79l per hour
  • User-friendly
  • Mine site ready
  • Simple one person operation
  • Full hydraulics
  • Australian made quality built
  • Heavy duty RHS construction
  • Fully bunded
  • 380 hour running time per tank
  • 3 year warranty on led lights
  • 48 v dc low voltage
  • Self-start ready
  • Real time adjustable timer (up to 9 programs)
  • Electric over hydraulic mast
  • 300 litre fuel tank
  • 6.1 kW engine power
  • 100 km/h wind load certified
  • 10.2 metre mast

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