SolarStar 320 Lighting Tower

The latest in super efficient mobile SOLAR LED Lighting Tower. Take advantage of solar renewable energy with 320W LED light (4 x 80W Lights), giving you 51200 effective lumens.

The mast can be easily rotated 360°, by hand, by one operator, while tilting the lightbar is operated electrically, to 90°. The sun is harnessed through 1080W of solar panels, consisting of 3x 395W solar panels. This unit holds 8x 300 Ah 12V – deep cycle AGM Batteries, giving a battery bank capacity of 600Ah – 48V.

Ideal for special events, construction and mining sites, security and any other application where on-demand lighting is desired. This system provides cost-effective LED lighting without all of the disadvantages inherent to diesel lighting systems – high operating costs (diesel fuel, maintenance and labour) as well as carbon emissions, noise and fumes.

Light Capacity

4x 80W Lights, 160 Effective Lumens / Watt, 51200 Effective Lumens


  • 360° Manual Mast Rotation
  • 3x 395W Solar panels
  • 600Ah – 48V Battery bank capacity
  • Mine Site ready
  • User Friendly
  • Simple one person operation
  • Electric mast operation – no hydraulics, no winch
  • Australian made
  • Quality built
  • Automated solar panel deployment (optional)

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