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The Briteforce Support network is ready and waiting to provide you everything you need to get your light towers up and running in the event of a problem. We can give advice over the phone 24/7/365. We fully appreciate that downtime means reduced productivity, an upset to the schedule and a possible loss of revenue. That’s why we do all we can as quickly as we can to get your light towers up and running as soon as possible.

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Whether you purchase or lease your Briteforce light towers, they will come with a recommended maintenance schedule which should be adhered to in order to maximise the efficiency and lifespan of the unit. Many competitors insist on maintenance taking place every 3 to 4 weeks. If used correctly and fitted with the Briteforce 1500 Hour Service System, Briteforce Light Towers will only require a service every 14 to 15 weeks.

The Briteforce 1500 Hour Service System can result in savings of up to 70% in operational expenditure. These kits have been tested for more than 2000 hours on a mine site in the Pilbara where the light tower was positioned next to the crusher to ensure it received the harshest treatment. Oil samples tested every 250 hours proved that the unit ran with clean oil for 2016 hours. The unit could have operated for much longer but we took a safety-first attitude and now recommend a running time of 1500 hours using standard Yanmar mineral oil. Even longer running times can be achieved with synthetic oils.

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All LED lights are covered by our 3 year warranty and should not need replacing for up to 50,000 hours. Yanmar engines come with a warranty of 24 months or 2000 running hours. Alternators, control panels and all manufactured parts are guaranteed for 12 months or 1500 hours.

If you would like to extend the warranty on all or any components, ask our sales staff at time of purchase.

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At Briteforce, we keep a large stock of genuine manufacturer-approved replacement parts and will endeavour to deliver the part you need anywhere in Western Australia within 24 hours of receiving your call. We recommend that our customers keep a small number of strategic parts on site.

That way a part can be replaced immediately and another part ordered to replace it. This will keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

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