Superior LED Lighting Technology

Briteforce was among the first Australian light tower manufacturers to meet its customers’ needs to replace metal halide towers one-for-one with LED units while at the same time increasing light output, minimising maintenance time, maximising safety and introducing significant cost savings.

The team then set about designing the exclusive OctaLED400 range of LED lights which are capable of covering a massive 3375m2 at over 100 lux, fitted to the LEDstar 3.2K series Light tower. Since then many improvements have been made by Briteforce, based on product performance reviews and customer feedback.

Briteforce will continue to introduce innovative ideas and provide exciting and effective solutions to the problems associated with illuminating mine and construction sites safely and cost effectively.


The OctaLED400 LED Light range was developed by Briteforce to deliver robust and highly efficient LED Lighting solutions in some the harshest conditions on Australian mine sites. The utilisation of Philips Lumileds technology, specialised LED Module construction and efficient optics allow for optimum efficiency and performance.

The modulated design with 8 x 50W LED Light bars, 4 x 48V DC  100W LED Drivers, Screw connector arrangement, Aluminium extrusion mounting rails, Steel frame and heavy duty steel mounting bracket, allow for easy maintenance many years down the line.


Wattage 400W
Light Source Philips Lumileds
Light Output 42,301 Effective Lumens
Operating Temperature – 40°C  to  + 50°C
Input Voltage 32 – 58V DC
Current Draw 8.6A @ 48V DC
Vertical Mounting Bracket 8mm Mild Steel
Horizontal Mounting Bracket 8mm Mild Steel
Beam Angle options 8° / 25° / 40° / 60° / 90°
Ingress Protection IP68
Lens Construction Tempered Polycarbonate
Housing Extruded Aluminium / Steel
LED Drivers 4 x 100W 48V DC
LED Modules 8 x 50W
Lifespan 50 000 Hours
Weight 13.8kg
Warranty 3 Years

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