LEDskid 7.6K

The Briteforce LED skid-base lighting tower is the ultimate in turning night into day. When positioned and operated at the top of the pit wall or on a high bench, this 7600W LED light tower will provide enough peripheral lighting in your pit to make the drivers of the smallest light vehicles feel safe in the knowledge that heavy machinery operators can see all objects in their operational areas. Take the risk out of your nightshift operations for 2.7 litres of diesel per hour with the Briteforce LED skid-base unit.

This is the newest and most powerful unit in the Briteforce range with many innovative features. The hydraulic mast can be extended up to 12 metres and rotated by 300º. The lighting unit consists of 19 x 400 Watt Briteforce OctaLED400 lights providing 1,140,000 effective lumens. The light bar can tilt 90º and rotate 120º. Maximum safety is built in with a two hand operated dead man switch, safety rails, an auto start-stop timer, hydraulic circuit safety switch and a lockable battery isolator switch.

The LED skid-base lighting tower features heavy duty push bars and tow points at both ends and four rated lifting points for easy loading and positioning by crane.

The Briteforce battery isolator improves onsite safety by shutting off the electricity supply when not in use and ensuring that the recommended amount of battery power is available when the engine is started.

Light Capacity

19 x 400 W Briteforce OctoLED400 lights, 1,140,000 effective lumens, 300 degree rotation up to 12 metres tall.


  • 120o Mast Rotation
  • 90o Lightbar Tilt
  • Extend up to 12m High
  • Rotate up to 300o
  • 1000ltr fuel tank bunded
  • electrical fail safe system
  • heavy duty skid base with steps & handrails
  • fail-safe shutdown system
  • lifting points and rated towing chains
  • day/night auto start-stop
  • fully bunded
  • 370 hour running time per tank
  • 3 year warranty on led lights
  • 48 v dc low voltage
  • mine site ready


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