LEDstar 2.4K Series

Briteforce’s standard LED mine specification light tower is available in two models LEDstar 2.4K-HL (hydraulic legs) and LEDstar 2.4K-ML (manual legs), both units provide 2 400W of LED lighting. Built to cope with the toughest conditions.

The LEDstar 2.4K series weighs less than 2 tonnes per tower, which means it can be towed by any on site vehicle. The hydraulically/electrically operated light towers reach a maximum height of 10.2 metres with light bar tilt of 110° and rotation of 350°, all controlled from the ground. One-man operation of both tower and lights significantly reduces the likelihood of handling injuries when compared to manual control.

The Briteforce battery isolator improves onsite safety by shutting off the electricity supply when not in use and ensuring that the recommended amount of battery power is available when the engine is started.

Light Capacity

6 x 400 W Briteforce OctaLED400 lights 2310 square metres @100 lux 360,000 effective lumens


  • 350o Lightbar Rotation
  • 110o Light Bar Tilt
  • Fuel consumption 1.1Ltr/hr
  • User friendly
  • Mine site ready
  • Simple one person operation
  • Full hydraulics
  • Australian made quality built
  • Fully bunded
  • 275hr running time per tank
  • 3 year warranty on led lights
  • 48v DC Low Voltage

Light plot

LEDstar 2.4K Series light plot

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