Mine Spec Lighting Towers

The Briteforce mine spec mobile lighting tower has been tried and tested over the past 6 years in the harshest conditions in Australia.

Pictured the Briteforce 9K 9000 watt metal halide 10 meter with hydraulic legs this tower features 350 degree hydraulic rotating head.

LED Mine Spec Lighting Towers

Want to save 50% on running costs and 60% on your maintenance cost? Then talk to Briteforce about our LED Lighting tower technology. 3300 square metres @ 100 lux the best output LED on the market.

The Compact LED

Transporting Lighting Towers hurting your bottom line? The Briteforce Compact lighting tower fits 7 units per truck trailer and 7 in a sea contaner. These units are tough enough to use on mines and for maintenance shutdowns and still present well for events.